Track your way to good health

Push yourself to the next level with quarterly wellness challenges! See what we’ve got lined up this year.

Quarterly Challenges

The Partners for Health wellness program features quarterly challenges to help you build healthy habits throughout the year. Complete a challenge to earn $10 (up to $40 maximum).

Incentives are available for active state and higher education employees and spouses who are enrolled in medical insurance with Partners for Health.

Healthy Plate Nutrition ChallengeMarch 1 – March 31Track your meals for at least 21 days within the challenge period
Level Up Steps ChallengeMay 1 – May 31Track your steps for at least 21 days within the challenge period
Jump Start Your Heart Green Day ChallengeJuly 1 – July 31Track for at least 15 days within the challenge period
Live Mindfully Stress Challenge Oct. 1 – Oct. 31Track your stress for at least 21 days within the challenge period

Tracking made easy

Sync your health app (Apple, Fitbit, Google Fit or Samsung Health) with the Sharecare platform. It makes it even easier to track your steps, sleep and stress each day. Don’t forget to log in daily to sync your data with the Sharecare platform.

How to sync your health app

Convert your steps

There are lots of ways to get your steps in. From swimming to gardening, check out this chart to see how your activity adds up.

Steps Conversion Chart