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  • World Cup Training

    In honor of The World Cup, here is a pretty cool article on the partnership between EXOS (Which used to be Athletes Performance) and the Strength and Conditioning Coach for the German National team. Post
  • ACL Prevention in our young athletes

    Here is a good article on ACL prevention for our younger generation. It seems that so many more young people are suffering these injuries, you would think that with the increased access these days to training facilities, personal trainers, education etc… that the numbers would be...Full Post
  • Like a Hawk: Russell Wilson’s workout

    In the spirit of the up coming Super Bowl, this seems pretty cool. An article on Seattle Seahawks Quarterback Russell Wilson's offseason workout. This workout is definitely not for everyone, but it seems to be working for him! Post
  • Does Early Specialization Insure Success?

    Great article on athletic specialization for our youth! This article brings up great points (Most of which I agree with) on how the drive to have our kids succeed in a single sport can actually have a negative impact on their overall athleticism. So many parents...Full Post
  • Too Much Fish Oil Might Boost Prostate Cancer Risk, Study Says

    Big interest in a new study out last week on the effect of fish oil supplements and their relationship with prostate cancer. This one really got my attention because I use them and have for years and a reported one billion dollars is spent annually on these supplements....Full Post
  • Black is the new Green

    Black is the new green? Pretty good blurb from MSN about some black colored foods that we might not have thought about. Who has heard of black rice? According to this study the bran hull contains more vitamin E and also contains more anthocyanin antioxidants...Full Post
  • Quick, portable recovery drink!

    I often get asked about recovery drinks, smoothies, what to eat or drink after a workout etc. To me, one of the best, easiest and most portable recovery drinks contain orange Gatorade and vanilla protein. If you are training outside or going for a run it’s a quick...Full Post
  • Eat Mediterranean-style for better health

    Of all of the “diets” out there, I lean towards this style of eating the most. This article does a good job of giving an overview of main points of the diet as well as some facts on health benefits (Lowering cholesterol, blood pressure etc…) but also shares findings...Full Post
  • Generation C: Is caffeine the next kids' health crisis?

    I ran across this article recently and it really struck a nerve with me. Now, I am a big coffee drinker, love my Starbucks but I am also an adult. I am concerned to see so many kids (teenagers and younger) starting in on the energy drinks. We had this issue at our...Full Post
  • Running Shoe or Minimalist Shoe?

    Many of you trainers that are on the Sharecare platform probably get these newsletters from the NASM and this information may be redundant but if you have not seen this article it is, in my opinion, one of the best and most informative reads out there on barefoot...Full Post