Intermediate Total Body Workout - All Videos

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  • This week you’ll learn basic moves to build a strong foundation for the weeks to come. Watch your form, and keep the...
  • You’ll try new variations of squats, rows, lunges and push-ups, plus jumping jacks to boost your heart rate. Let’s go!
  • Keep building on basic moves – and learn a couple of new ones -- to develop upper body, core and leg strength.
  • This week you’ll do moves that help build your chest and shoulders – plus squats for your legs and planks to firm your...
  • Grab your dumbbells! These moves work your quads, glutes and chest. If your form slips, cut back on weight or reps.
  • Get ready for step-ups, push-ups and squats – plus jumping jacks at the end. Grab a step and resistance band, and let’s...
  • Get ready to work your upper body with side planks and chest moves, plus squat and step-up variations. Remember to focus...
  • On tap this week: lunges, bicep curls and deadlifts – plus side squat jumps to challenge your lower body. Let’s go!
  • Say hello to two new moves: a push-up variation inspired by a superhero, and heart-pumping, calorie-blasting mountain...
  • Work your core with planks, a chest press, squat-row combo and deadlifts. Finish big with a set of mountain climbers.
  • Work your core, arms and legs with side planks, single-leg squats and push-ups. Squat jumps will really boost your heart...
  • Get ready for variations on side step-ups, push-ups, lunges and rows – plus mountain climbers to boost your heart rate....