Calorie Burning Workout with Joel Harper

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Welcome to the Calorie Burning Workout. What does this workout do? Exactly what the title is. You're going to burn some calories in a little amount of time. I'm Joel and you're here with Alice, and what you want to do is put your hands on your waist, you want to make sure your feet are a little wider than shoulder distance apart, your knees are soft and you want to do some hip roles, you want to warm those hips up, you want to get the blood flowing and you're going to switch directions, you got three, two and one.

Now we're going to start with some simple marching, all the way and give those knees up, loose arms, really breath. Get five get those knees up a little higher now, four, move those arms, three, two and one. Now, we're going to do some knee repeaters. You bring this foot forward, you bring your hands up like a number 11.

Now you want to lift this knee up between that number 11 and set it all the way back down. That's easy for you, if you can add a little kick there, and kick it out. Let's go, for four, higher, three, two, one. Good job, then switch sides, all the way over, get those hands up in number 11 and all the way in.

All the way in, for four, three, two, one. Good job, shake it all the way up and do a little stretch here. Bring your feet all the way together, you slowly walk your hands down you leg. If this feels good in your back, go a deeper, if it feels tight, you want to just stop there, relax your head and relax your arms and breath, take your hands away.

Now relax your neck, you want relax into it, deep breath and generally come over to the side, drop your forehead and switch to the other side, really drop your head, back to center, soften your knees, slowly roll it all the way up and shake it all the way out. Now you want to go skiing? Let's go.

Really soft. If you want to make it harder, you can bend your knees a little bit more, really twist those hips. Pick up the pace, a little faster, a little faster, a little faster. For two and one, great job. Open your feet up, toes pointed straight ahead, bring your hands into prayer.

You're going to drop down, bring your thumbs up in line with your face and come all the way up. Drop down and all the way up. Now if this is too easy for you, you should get a little airborne with your feet. Just jump up for 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1. Now you're going to get all the way down here and you're just going to pull for 5 4, get those hands up, 3, 2 and 1.

Right away into course line. Put your hands on your waist and you're going to kick this foot up, and switch sides. Deep breaths, leave your chest up, hands on your waist, and pull that stomach in. If you think your stomach is hanging out, you can also put your hands on your stomach.

Pull that stomach all the way out. If that's easy for you, what do you do? You kick it up a little higher, there is always a different level. For five, four, three, three little higher, two, two, two come on one and one, good job, shake it all the way out, put your feet all over together, hand on your waist, bring this hand all the way up and you are going to use this hand to gently press your hips this way.

Now you want to pull this middle finger as far as you can away from this heel and breathe, deep breathe and you want to reach in switch, other hand and reach. Pull this middle finger, way way, you feel that? Really breath, bring this elbow all the way in, and press those hips, deep breaths, and one more time all the way the other side, press your hips a little deeper this time, lift your chest up now this time, we are going to look up in the ceiling.

Breath all the way through out that tightest area. It feels good doesn't it? Great job and release and switch, all the way. Pull this middle finger, deep breathe and back to center, you want to stretch those squats out bring this hand all the way around and gently press this knee back if this easy for you, you can take your hands and you can interweave both of them and press that back and precise and inhale and exhale.

Shake it all the way out, put your feet all the way together, put your hands on the waist in big circles, let's go for five, four, three, you got it, two and one switch five, four, three, two, and one bring your hands in your breathe take a deep inhale and exhale and inhale and exhale.

That was a great cardio workout, we've burned some calories. You can do this workout every other day. So let's eat right and get that cardio in. Have a great day.