Thyroid Problems and Mysterious Sleep Noises

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And now its time for my favorite, favorite part of the show, ask Dr. Oz, today let me ask Oz can select questioners. So who's is going to be today? Make some noise. Come on down. Come on down, come on, you're exhausted? You're tired? Good hustle. Thank you. What's your name? My name is Linda.

Hi Linda, what's the question? The question is we all have thyroids. Why do women get [xx] when their thyroids? So women have problems for a couple of reasons, one, women are more prone to auto immune disorders. So, your immune is mistaking your thyroids for a foreign invaders, a piece of bacterial virus and begins to attack it and then over time it over attacks it and kills a lot of it and you become hypothyroid, you don't make enough hormones, you get too much, too little.

Nowadays we can diagnosis pretty readily. We can treat it pretty, but vitamin D is one little tip that I've noticed make the effective because vitamin D reduces auto immune problems and for that reason may help avoid the problem with thyroid problem women. Fair enough? Fair enough.Thank you very much.

Very well. Alright, make some noise. Make some noise, [xx] raise the noise. Here we are. Come on down, you picked her, where's she? Come on over man. Well, I can see you're dressed to win this competition. No. How are you? So what's your name? Sheryl. Sheryl? Hi. Hi Sheryl, what's your question? Well, my husband, he makes noises at night.

He does? Yes. Bring the husband up please. Bring the husband up. There we are. So before you get there, he makes noises at night? Yes. Keep going. He start snoring and then he goes like this [xx]. Can you replicate the noise? No I can't. Are you sure you are asleep when this happens? So you have no recollections? I have no recollections.

So, what shirt size do you wear by the way? Fifty and a half. fifty and half. And have you lost and weight, gained any weight recently? Gained some weight. Gained a little bit of weight so sometimes the reason people sound like cazooes is they have as a pallet, it's not so rigid. You know normally that arch of muscle that holds our air way open is held in place cause when we are awake, our muscles are tensed and we fall asleep we begin to does off, those muscle are relaxed and so that causes some of the symptoms.

Now, does he ever feel or sound like he's suffocating? Yes. He does. Does he wake and go [XX] like that? A little. Not as bad as that. Alright, it is sometimes worth seeing your ear, nose and throat doctor, because sometimes you've got tissue stuck on your back, a little fatty tissue accumulates and you can just strip some of that material off and if you can do that it actually can dramatically reduce some of those sounds.

There is also an oral appliance that you can use. It's not too uncomfortable, but bothers some people, that can also help. But in the mean time, if he is not suffocating, once that suffocating sound goes away, you married him, you brought her. I know, it sucks, right? Thank you very much, thank you both very much.

Thank you. I appreciate it. Thanks everybody, we'll be right back. [ BLANK ].