Thyroid Alternative

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Thyroid medications which are often used because people have so many thyroid issues. 70 million prescriptions filled annually for this. Your hormones a lot of time you see a little subtle notch. Absolutely. And this can be prevented by natural alternative, so what's your top recommendation here? So my top recommendation is bladder rack also known as [xx].

It's a big name. [xx] memorable. Yeah it is and actually it's a sea weed that's grown in the Northern Pacific or the Northern Atlantic ocean and so like I said it is this sea weed and what it does is it has a very high iodide content which is essential nutrient for a thyroid function.

So if a patient has low Thyroid or hypothyroid is in or even a goitre which is an enlarged thyroid, iodine is great to enhance either way. So it's a great nutrient that someone can take because what's happening is that people are becoming iodine deficient so this is a nice easy way to boost that up.

And could be a typical assault we have [xx]? No a lot of people looking more granite type of salt which doesn't have iodine in it. So if you could look back at those iodine salts which isn't quite into your body and also you can try the [xx]. How much and how often? So, what I usually recommend is three caps which is about three grams in the morning, so you just take that first thing in the morning and what you'd always like to do is because when you're dealing with thyroid and hormones, do get your blood values checked just to make sure everything is okay.