When You Should Lose Weight Before Getting Pregnant

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Hi I'm Dr Altman with an important tip to boost your child's health even before he is born. If you are over weight and thinking about having a baby, now is the time to slim down. Why? Overweight problems begin in the womb and pregnant women with too much body fat deliver babies with extra fat too and that could set up your baby for a life long struggles with the scale.

Here's some tips to mange your weight for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. Eat plenty of fruits, veggies, whole grains and lean protein. Aim for nine daily serving of produce plus three servings each of 100% whole grain and lean protein like fresh salmon, beans and tofu. Don't eat for two.

You only need 10% of more food during the first trimester. Just 100 extra calories per day or one glass of skim milk. Second trimester 250 calories or 10 Almonds and an Apple. Third trimester 300 calories or three pieces of fruits. Go for fiber six mini meals throughout the day, eating small amounts helps curb nausea and fend off blood sugar drops that can spark cravings for pickles and ice cream.

I'm Dr. Altman, watch all our health smart videos right here.