What Common Mistakes Do Women Make During Childbirth?

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I think that one of the biggest mistake that mums make in their labor in coming to the birth center for their birthing room is to come way too soon. And then bring everybody in the world with them like it is going to be a birthday party. Labor is a long haul bringing people who are going to be spectators who do't really help mum and they are having a party of their own bring a lot of negative energy into the room, and help make mum exhausted for the long process that she is about to go in.

I think sometimes mums also try to go into labor when the baby is not ready by eating hot spicy foods, taking animals and things like that, and then moms spends the labor on the toilet and then you think, that's not the way you want to spend your labor, conserve your energy, rest, stay home as long as you can, and bring only people with you who are really going to support and enhance your birth process.