What Are Some Tips for Exercising During Pregnancy?

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So now you are pregnant and you think you want to start an exercise program, this is really not the best of ideas. For those of you who have been marathon runners and working out at the gym, if you can continue your exercise without increasing your maximum target heart rate that's okay.

But when you are pregnant you need to exercise not to the point of recklessness. You and your baby both need oxygen. Your heart rate shouldn't go up too fast because that's taking away oxygen from your baby. You shouldn't be exercising to the point of sweating. Your metabolism is already working really hard to keep you and your baby nourished.

So when you think about starting an exercise program think about walking, gentle swimming, gentle biking but not race swimming and race biking and heavy aerobic activity. Pregnancy prenatal yoga classes are a wonderful ideas, but as in anything you need to discuss exercise with your healthcare provider.

Make sure they discuss with your ODGYN or midwife, if you have any you risk factors that mean you should not be exercising during pregnancy.