How Can I Relieve Morning Sickness During Pregnancy?

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The number one topic that past people go to the internet for help answers, guess what it is, it's pregnancy, so today I'm filling all the questions you have on your pregnancy take them off any categories, so who's first? Jane you're up right, go ahead. Hi, my question is about morning sickness.

I have terrible terrible morning sickness and I would like to know first of what causes it and how how can I get rid of it? Well, morning sickness is pretty common, here is the deal, think about it a man can get food poisoning and it's not a big deal but if she is pregnant and she get it's food poisoning the baby couldn't deal with that as well.

So, having morning sickness in our species allowed us to store forward but really be about what we eat live in times of famine, and so for that reason there is a huge value to morning sickness think about that, the good news is the blend food tends to be safe for the baby. Actually help you deal with your morning sickness, usually not everybody but for the back your folks whole grains, simple toes and by the way cold foods are better than hot foods, hot foods have more aroma to them which can be nauseating for the cold foods, tend to be a little duller in their taste.

That makes a lot of sense. Makes sense? Yeah. Thank you for the question. Thank you [LAUGH].