Are Sleep Problems Common During Pregnancy?

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Sleep problems are very common during pregnancy, and they vary from trimester to trimester. In the beginning, you're peeing all the time so you're gonna wake up and have to go to the bathroom, and you may be getting up to deal with your nausea and your vomiting and then you can't fall back to sleep.

As the baby begins to grow and begins to kick and have play periods in the middle of the night, its not uncommon for that baby to wake you up. You may also experience really crazy bizarre during the nightmares that wake you up, and then you find it hard to go back to sleep after that's over.

Towards the end of the pregnancy, bathroom trips are back again, and unfortunately it's very hard to get into a comfortable position. Side lying with six pillows is not uncommon toward the end of the pregnancy. When you're getting up as much to go the bathroom, I call it mother nature's on the job training, you'll have no problem getting up with the baby to feed it at night, you've already been used to getting up every couple of hours and having to take a nap during the day.