How Does a Depressed Mom Impact Her Child's Development?

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One of the most significant features in your child's environment is your state of mind between 10 and 15 maybe even 20% of mothers of newborns are affected of postpartum depression, not to mention baby blues a milder form of depression that affects a lot, maybe even the majority of new moms.

While one third of moms with preschoolers also suffer from depression. Please explain on how a depressed mom has a huge impact on the child's development. Unfortunately maternal depression is very common and can block an otherwise outstanding parent from being able to tune into their baby's signals.

To those pings. Exactly So they miss the pings if they're depressed. Yes, if you are depressed or someone you know and are close to is showing signs of the baby blues get them help. ASAP. There are medicines that can make a huge difference that are non-addicting, and can get someone past a tough moment day, week or months.

There is also the behavioral strategies that they can implement that are simple and easy to incorporate in to day to day's life, and ways to help them get back into their swing. That's good for the mom, and good for the baby.