Why Are Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer Often Mistaken for Other Conditions?

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There're many reasons and the symptoms of ovarian cancer are often confused for other conditions, or even misdiagnosed as other conditions. First is, the ovarian cancer is not extremely common, so it's not the first thing that most doctors think about. Second of all, the symptoms of ovarian cancer for the most part of various subtle, and they can be the symptoms of many other things including ovarian cysts, but even many other medical problems outside the ovaries or far from them.

Third, is this what I always use to teach my medical students is if you don't think about it, you won't make the diagnosis. But the onus is also on the patient too. You have to be aware of your own body, and be aware of your symptoms, and if your doctor doesn't make the diagnosis initially and you're problems persist, you have to insist on further evaluation.