What Is the State of the Art for Diagnosing Ovarian Cancer?

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The state of the art is probably what we've been using from the very beginning which is history and physical examination. Nothing really replaces them, but with a good history and physical examination, it can direct us very easily to what would be the next step often a pelvic ultrasound, sometimes CAT scan, and in certain cases a CT PET scan.

Other useful tools that we have for detecting, or at least pushing us in one direction that may lead towards the diagnosis of ovarian cancer are tumor markers. CA 125 is the name of a blood test, glycoprotein that is circulating in the blood and when is elevated to sometimes associated with ovarian cancer.

I would caution not to over intepret that because we've had patients that have elevated CA 125 blood test, that are elevative for non-cancerous reasons, and we've also had patients with normal CA 125 blood tests that have ovarian cancers.