What Factor Significantly Increases Ovarian Cancer Risk?

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Joining me are two doctors on the front lines of the war on ovarian cancer, a leading cancer researcher Kate Wollen and a gynecologic oncologist Dr. Diljeet Singh so Dr. Wollen how over weight they have to be in order for your ovarian cancer rates to increase. Well, any amount of overweight is going to be a concern but really we focus on the women who are about 25 pounds overweight is where your risk really starts to shoot out.

So I want you all to look at these photos behind me, this is what 25 pounds of overweight looks like the average woman. It's actually a very, very common scenario in America for us to be 25 pounds overweight. As your weight goes up further does your risk of ovarian cancer increase and can be caused by the weight? Yes, weight gain is associated with risk as well and it's also associated with the risk of dying from ovarian cancer.

So, we have a meta analysis, the study of studies and that data showed a 20% increase risk from dying ovarian cancer with being over weight. Such an easy thing to change. But I want you all to really understand how fat, belly fat in particular builds up your risk of ovarian cancer.

So, let me show you what a normal ovary looks like. Here's the Uterus here and these little things right here are the ovaries. You've seen these before on a show, but within a very short period of time, a very benign ovary like this with a very this small area of having cells that could be cancerous will grow to look like this.

I mean this is a ponderously large change, imagine this of inside of your body, can you all see that? Dr. Singh you're a surgeon, an uncommon scenario for an ovary to become this large in someones body when it is cancerous? Absolutely not, unfortunately we pick up most ovarian cancer stage 3 or 4.

70 to 80%, and so lots of them look exactly like that.