What Can I Expect After Surgery for Ovarian Cancer?

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Again it depends how invasive the surgery was from a major primary is how to adopt a surgery by a traditional open surgery, usually it's a up and and down incision, the patient can expect to be in the hospital anywhere from three to five days on average. Sometimes we do give the first cycle of chemotherapy before the patient even leaves the hospital.

And it is definitely difficult for patients to be able to tolerate that early on, but the recovery is relatively quick and within two to three weeks most patients are at full activity. We are now using more advanced techniques that are available to us such as minimally invasive surgery and robotic surgery that's not for every particular patient, it's not applicable, but definitely there is a subset of patients that are candidates for minimally invasive and robotic surgery and are benefiting from that minimally invasive approach with a much quicker recovery period.

Some of our patients actually going home the day of or the day after surgery and are able to receive chemotherapy earlier than perhaps they would have if they'd had a larger incision surgery and more healing. So we're really making I think incredible strides in terms of the surgical approach for even advanced ovarian cancer.