What Can I Do to Reduce Ovarian Cancer Risk?

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We're talking about ovarian cancer and you can avoid the biggest risks by knowing the biggest solutions. Let's get right to them with gynecologist Rujit Singh so solution number one is low dose birth control, that's Singh who's this right for?

I recommend them for everybody. Everybody essentially is at risk for ovarian cancer and we think everyone will benefit. We know that the longer you're on them, the more the protection you see, so I encourage people to be as on them as long as possible. In all those contraceptives that we're talking about, are still something that's after a custom films is host there will be blood clots.

 Absolutely there is a slightly increase risk, but that's mostly for women above 35 who smoke, so I always talk to people as an individual about what are their risks? What's their history? And based on that provider can make good recommendations.  So let's say someone's 40 years old, they come to see you they're not a smoker, should they be on a low dose contraceptives?

 Absolutely, it's going to reduce their risk of Ovarian cancer the closer to age 50 you're on the pills it's better you have impact on decreasing your risk
Second solution for all of you is vitamin D three, now why is it so critical?

Well we know that having low or inadequate vitamin D level will increase your risk of getting cancer and then if you have cancer increase your risk of dying of Ovarian cancer, and we haven't figured out the mechanisms of why that works with mainly vitamin D like helps get rid of damaged cells, but regardless we know if your level is low, that your risk is higher, and so we recommend people get their levels checked and then try to be a rounded level of 50 get their vitamin D
So vitamin D is actually really hard to get from food in general I'm a big whole foods person, vitamin D is hard to get from food and I actually don't recommend sun exposure because of that risk of skin cancer so I recommend supplements and again if you get a level checked you can get recommendations for what you should be taking, but once you're normal is usually takes around 1, 000 international units a day to stay there.

Alright next warning sign is important it say way of tracking your symptoms once you know them on a calendar and why is this so important?

So, some recent research has showed us that there actually are early symptoms of ovarian cancer the hard thing is they're kind of subtle and they're pretty common so women tend to ignore them and the thing that I tell people is you really need to be aware of your body and if you have a new symptom have it every other day, that's more than a couple of weeks, that's important.

So we look at through these early warning signs of ovarian cancer that you need to be noting on this calendar, so they include bloating or increased abdominal size, pelvic or abdominal pain, difficulty eating or feeling full really quickly when you do eat and feeling a frequent and urgent need to urinate, now these are all pretty common symptoms, so you're not going to run to the doctor If you just have this for a day.

But if they're new and you've had them for more than two week, then you're going ask your doctor whether or not they should be checking you for ovarian cancer and I want you to have something else, I made this little track of sheet here, this is a special one sheet of symptom you're going to print it out at dr. oz.com and you're going to fill it out, and you're going to take it to you're doctors office.

We have the symptoms up here, going to, just basically a calender, check off the times each week when you have those symptoms. It will help you keep track and this is evidence, this is data for your doctor, that pushes them to the testing we know can identify ovarian cancer early enough to make it almost always curable.

Alright, the final solution is we need high fiber diet, that was cancer researcher in this category, why fiber so important?

We think of fibre is part of low fat that high fiber diet helps to regulate your hormones and so about 30g of fiber a day is going to reduce your risk of developing ovarian cancer by about 22% big numbers folks, we don't have drugs that can do this stuff, I'm going to go with this big idea again because it's so saddening when I see people who have missed this diagnosis and for that reason their lives have dramatically changed, often lost because of their mistake.

Little terror is in your ovaries if they're not healing correctly or if there are too many of them need to carry and catch, we know that, now that we know we can change for example the whole most foods of fiber, why not make this part of our lives. Why I am doing this show today is to identify this is early and preventive them from happening as well and making it easier I put on doctorross.com a list of 50 fiber reach foods, so you can mix and match as you want it's not rocket scientist, it's only you, control your destiny when it comes to this matter.