Should Angelina Jolie Have Gotten a Double Mastectomy Based on Genetic Testing?

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Something have been brewing in the news the Angelina Jolie's comment to have her decision to have a double mastectomy based on that genetic quest of that broken gene. Well I'm really glad that she shared her experience. Angelina Jolie was found to have the BRCA 1 mutation that puts the carrier at risk for ovarian and breast cancer in her case her mother had died of ovarian cancer.

The cancer risk is so high in patients like Angelina Jolie, that they are advised to have their breasts and ovaries removed. When do you advice patients to have that gene test? Well there's a whole list but the bottom line is this, if you have a strong family history of breast and or ovarian cancer in more than one first degree relatives or a slew of relatives either on your mother or your father's side, it's time to talk to your doctor about perhaps having that test, however, if you're not willing to do what Angelina Julie was going to do, then you might want to really think about whether you want the test or not because it's pointless to know if you're not going to do anything about it.

Is there a possibility also that to have a test and be relieved on that, oh my gosh I don't have a broken thing. Absolutely and it's great if that is the case but we also need to think about the flip side of that what's going to happen if it's positive? Because most people when they do the test things are going to probably be negative.