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We're talking about ovarian cancer, I don't know if you're at risk for it and how the chances of ever getting it. One of the biggest risk factors for ovarian ovarian cancer, is a family history. At Least 10% of ovarian cancer patients had a relative who've also had it. But, you've got to ask both sides of your family, if you have relatives with breast or and Ovarian Cancer here is how you do it.

You are going to look at you sister and your mum that's all fine, but also you want to look at your aunts, cousins your mom's mother and your grandmother and sisters so it's not just your brothers and sisters that's what a true family history means if they're related to you by any blood connection, you want to find out that's what the family history looks like and that's a [xx] how comes about the father's side does because most women think it's only what my mum's side does but you're half your genes your dads Yeah, exactly half of your genes are your fathers and so even though your dad can't get ovarian cancer and is unlikely to have breast cancer, he could still carry a gene and pass that gene on to you and whether your mum has the gene or your dad has the gene there's a 50/50 chance that you could get that gene which could pretty dispose you to getting breast or ovarian cancer.

And what's really important is that if you have have someone in your family who has one of these cancers, particularly ovarian cancer or pre-menopausal breast cancer, it's very important to see a genetic councilor. So that they can determine how risky is your family history and should you go ahead and get genetic testing.

So a couple of risk factors really quickly if you've never been pregnant, if you started menstruating earlier than age 12, if you have hormonal replacement therapy, and if you've been off from menopause systems. Now those are all because an increase life time exposure to estrogen which can ultimately feed Ovarian Cancer now in contrast to that they got a birth control peal seem to do the opposite.

Yeah, birth control pills will actually suppress ovulation and every time we ovulate, every time that egg pops out of the ovary it causes a little bit of damage and so by preventing Ovulation you prevent damage to the Ovary and we reduce the risk of developing Ovarian Cancer pregnancy does the same thing actually in terms of reducing your risk of Ovarian cancer, but with the oral contraceptives if you take them for more than five years you reduce your risk of Ovarian Cancer by 50%.

can you imagine that 50% it's huge I thank you very much appreciate it. Now the next question diet impacted in developing ovarian cancer, and we're joined by Carmen, thank you very much for coming. Now Carmen has three surprises with us. She's going to teach us options for breakfast, lunch and dinner, an easier food foods that can change estrogen levels in your body and that's the complish Dr [xx] was talking about, traumatic deductions we hope, in ovarian cancer.

So doctor, what's for breakfast. There you have it Dr [xx], oatmeal my favorite. My favorite too. And the white oil meat wheat has all that whole grains in it, it has vital chemicals in those whole grains. It's associated with reduction of ovarian cancer in cancer because we eat a lot of vital chemicals you lower the risk of ovarian cancer being stimulated by oestrogren.

So, its all about playing with hormones and this is the first way to start with it?

Okay, move on to number two, whats for lunch Camen? Ready? Yes. Spinach salad. Spinach salad but frankly any colorful vegetables spinach, kale's, tomatoes they all have this powerful cancer fighting chemicals called flavonoids. And these are types of anti-oxidant that helps the body worth free radicals, irritating bombs are going off in our Fallopian tubes or our ovaries that predispose us to ovarian cancer alright coming time for dinner, ready.

Let me see [xx]
Power house. Very good, power house. It's the power house, yellow vegetable also broccoli and cauliflower have been shown to reduce ovarian cancer problems. They have patients who live longer, they have ovarian cancer. Why are they work because of all kinds of compounds that help breakdown cancer causing chemicals in your body.

That's huge. All three work in different mechanisms but they all support you in different ways, that's why there's magic in food and there's a secret into this technique of using your lifestyle to change your risks of getting cancer and reversing it if you do get it, so I don't want you to forget this simple steps.

Never. Karen, thank you very much
Thank you Dr. Oz. Go to to see the ways you can lower your risk of ovarian cancer we'll be right back