Is There a Medication that Can Help Prevent Ovarian Cancer?

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Ovarian cancer prevention has been much more difficult for us to achieve. The cervix in terms of a organ in the body is really one of the ideal organs to have a cancer screening and prevention program. Some of the things we look at for what are successful cancer prevention and screening programs includes the fact that it's easily accessible, and right now I'm talking about the cervix again, the cervix and the pap smear.

So it's easily accessible, we are able to take a smear or a slide from swiping the cervix and look at the cells under a microscope and have that access immediately and there is a precancerous component to cervical cancer that naturally seems to evolve over a long period of time so that if we can isolate that precancerous component we can then treat it and go back to a baseline and state where we essentially have eliminated the potential developing cancer.

Now if you apply that same concept to the ovary it's much harder to do. The ovaries are not easily accessible, it's not easy to just get cells from the surface of the ovary. We don't know that there is essentially a precancerous components similar to the cervix cancer and if there is it doesn't appear to be something that takes several years to develop.

It may develop in a month, and so we don't have that luxury of time. It's harder to catch something early and then treat it early for ovarian cancer. That's not to say that we're not working on it, and we're working on screening and prevention programs, vaccinations are a very exciting part of medicine.

It's been shown to be effective in cervical cancer which is related to the human papillomavirus, but we're still trying to find the right vaccinations that would be appropriate for ovarian cancer.