How Can I Support a Loved One Who Has Been Diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer?

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I think it's tough for the families. Sometimes it's tougher for the family than it is for the patient themselves, not seeing there in the office. I think a smart family or a savvy family will understand that the patient really needs their help at that point in time, and just being supportive, and just being available, being a good listener, is a good way to start to be a supportive family member.

Accompanying patients to chemotherapy visits, for example, visiting a patient in the hospital, a little goes a long way, and most patients are very appreciative. Some patients, of course, need more assistance, they may need help at home, they may need help with their daily activities, getting food or preparing food, and sometimes families may enlist the help of home health nursing and some other supportive carer, professional services that are available, and that's, I think, very good too, and very appropriate.