Are There Screening Tests for Ovarian Cancer?

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This is a hard question actually because, the bottom line is for regular risk people which is most people who get ovarian cancer are average risk, we don't have good screening tools. The US Preventive Task forces just reviewed all the data and I'm complete agreement with it that there's really no good way yet that we know of to pickup ovarian cancer early.

And people who have a really higher risk like those people we were talking about that had inherited predisposition, we do do ultra sounds and say 125's every 3 to 6 months but they actually haven't been shown to pick up more early cancers. There's a lot of stuff being developed, lot's of stuff on the pipeline.

The one screening test that I think of that we haven't quite made easy or real yet is something called the symptom index. So thinking about women being aware of their body, thinking about what symptoms they're having and that you have a new symptom and you have it more than every other day and it last for more than two weeks, it's important.

Now what are those symptoms? I honestly think the stuff I just said was a more important part because anything that's new to your body, you should be aware of regardless of whether were thinking about ovarian cancer or other things. But for ovarian cancer the risks we think about are bloating, abdominal pain, feeling full quickly, feeling like you're to pee right away or to pee more often than usual.

But again, I think it's more important if you have a new symptom, you have it everyday or every other day last more than two weeks, that's something worthwhile to talk to your healthcare provider about.