Why Do Women Get More Night Sweats After 40?

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My number one plague of women over 40, is night sweats, of course, Dana please join me, how are you Dana? Nice to meet. Do you have night sweats? SeverelyYou do? Every night to the point where I get up in the middle of the night to take a shower. That's a lot of sweating.  Blankets fry off and break my [xx].

And my husband wears flannels. Alright well, sweating is the bodies built to natural heat elimination system. It's supposed to be there, the [xx] of night sweats is that system kicks in in the overdrive and there is no real reason that get rid of heat because you are sleeping as you mentioned your husband in flannels.

So, here is what happens, imagine this represents the hormones in your body, especially estrogen. So, this bottle is yours, this bottle is mine. Now, normally in life, we have periods where we have dirty little activities with our estrogen and then, a little bit of activity, right? But you go through menstruations and need more picks, if you don't fertilize the egg, it comes down again.

With menopause you have time when there is a zero activity, and then there is lots of activity, and there is no activity, the ovaries, realize they kept making up, and then there is panic, there is too much and then what happens is they overwhelmness. Are you ready? Don't aim it at me, aim it at them.

Oh. Got it And that's what happens and it spill out and that's the sweat that comes out of your pores and I think  this happens over and over again and again your body doesn't realize it has made too much or too little. It just knows it drive you absolutely [xx] thankfully their are very ancient solutions you know why they are ancient? Because women have always had these problems.

Sage you've heard of sage, in different formats in poetry and the like, but sage actually is pretty effective it's used it is a girly supplement, it's a little extract you put it in a little bit of water, you're not going to put it in your tongue, drip in a few drops, take it for three months can help regulate the body's cooling temperature system, and because of that has a huge effect on [xx] hot sweats and night sweats.

Fair enough. Fair enough. I want to thank all of our guests up next by Ultimate [xx] continues with five outrageous diet fats that are taking over America. Don't go away.