What Can I Do About Night Sweats?

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Lately I've been getting up two and three times a night with night sweats, my body becomes a furnace and I'm up most of the night, how can I get a restful night sleep? How old are you? I'll be 50. 50, so you probably already know sort of what's happening, and as you go through the change of live, you first lose progesterone which is why women become irritable sometimes as they go through it because progesterone is like [xx] you.But then after that you lose the estrogen and the estrogen is very important because the estrogen regulates hypothalamus, which is that important part of your brain that touch the [xx] to your body and when it's not happy, it can't regulate your temperature the way it's supposed to.

In addition estrogen very directly will affect the blood vessels and so if the estrogen is always at the same level, the estrogen will lie about as to stay at the same size but when it is surging and In a way, that surge of estrogen opens up the blood vessels. The blood vessels then engorge everywhere in your body, make you very uncomfortable but also dilate up the arteries to the skin.

So you turn red, you flush, you get the itching, irritation all that goes along with it. So what are you going to do about it? If your absolutely miserable, hormone replacement therapy does make sense for someone [xx] in that setting, spicy foods will make it worse, so will alcohol.

I'll keep the wine, I'll keep the sweat and drink the wine. Alright, thank you very much. The fundamentally important questions I thank you all for asking them. If you've got a question you want to ask me on the show, you can go to doctoroz.com, I'm always here for you.