What Are Natural Treatments for Menopause?

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It's a lot of different things we can do for menopausal symptoms. It sort of depends on which things you want to focus on. The typical woman is primarily concerned about hot flashes, weight gain and sleeplessness. For hot flashes, well for any of them, you have to start with medicine doctor, you start by looking at the basics.

What are they eating? How are they moving? So you have to build that fundamental health to start with and I ask a lot of very specifics about really and truly what are you eating. Don't just tell me you're eating a healthy diet and then if you get that under control, you need to talk about stress management because the stress hormones when they're at a balance, and that will affect the ovarian hormone balance which just causes more have more flashes night sweats and all the other problems [xx] menopause.

So once we get the lifestyle issues under control and the stress management under the control, then you can look at using some additional supplements like [xx] commonly used, there's a also a product that is Siberian lubov extract that is helpful. That will help with actual hot flash part in terms of balancing off the estrogen levels, but also will often need to give some kind of a supplement for the adrenal support.

There is whole of category of herbs called adaptogens that help modify stress response. Those will be typically things like Aswogandha, holy basil, [xx]. And then if all those fails, and those aren't doing the trick, we can always do bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. I actually spend a lot of time in my practice talking people out of doing that because they want to jump straight to it because that's what they heard about and honestly if you go straight to that and you haven't changed the other underlying problems, as soon as you want to get off the bio identical hormones down the road, your symptoms are all going to come right back because you haven't really fixed the basic problem.