Is It Normal to Lose Genital Hair During Menopause?

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Everyone seems to ask me. Dr. Oz, am I normal? Well today only the Truth Tube knows for sure so that's where we're going to find out where your medical conditions are normal or not. Let's get right to it, my first candidate is Debra. How are you? I'm very well. How are you today? Okay.

Whats your question? Well Dr. Oz, during and after menopause, I have experienced bodily changes such as thinning hair and a receding hairline, I thought it was hereditary. However, lately I have also experienced the same thing, the thinning hair, in a very private area. So am I normal? [LAUGH] Audience, what do think? Normal or not? Normal.

Truth Tube what's the verdict? Normal. Folks get so concerned about that and for good reason like gradual hair loss is very common with menopause when you lose the estrogen, which happens during menopause, testosterone becomes unopposed, right? So, you don't have that balance you're supposed to have, just testosterone without a lot of oestrogen causes baldness.

It happens in men all the time, but it also causes loss of hair elsewhere on your body as well. Okay, thank you very much. >>Thank you. Thank you.