How Can I Treat Perimenopausal Rage?

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Okay, this is a third major area. It's a cutout caffeine, cutout alcohol, cutout sugar. Okay. Caffeine [xx] [xx] .Just a caffeine. I know this sound onerous, but I have been hearing already today just talking to women who are going through this, how important these dietary changes are.

So Mercy explain this to everybody. Well we definitely seen a pattern in women, sugar, caffeine, alcohol and then add stress of life and is going to exaggerate any hormonal triggered symptoms that woman are experiencing almost at any age. But in perimenopause, what else have you got? You've got to do what you can to reduce the other factors that might be triggering the emotional outburst coming from the brain.

Now, see I like the caffeine. Now, I could cut out the other stuff the caffeine, I like coffee. Just judging by your video, maybe you should cut out the caffeine. I am just going to put out here. Look on. I mean I'm just looking at the less over there. It's sort of dog down here, it's the last of the coffee.

In the meantime, part of the third step, we're just going to talk about dietary things, there are some toughness to make the difference. Well, I believe in the benefits of a really good quality multivitamin rich in B-complex, vitamin D and Omega-3 and guess what studies show these nutrients help with PNS and they help with how we feel.

There's one area, I don't have a table for it. We'll step over here. We're going to pretend that this is a table over here, because there's a full thing that I can't put a table on for, and it's therapy. And it's talk therapy. You can talk it out with your husband. You can talk it out with especially your mum, your daughters, it doesn't matter.

It's nice to have that ability to deal with the issues in your life that you haven't coped with, because what I see over and over again and much if I speak this can. If you're not coping with those issues when you have stability with your hormones, it's really hard to do it when those hormones are bouncing all over the place because it's paralyzing your brain and is sending out fire crackers right and left, which is it going to make you angry when your kids walk into the kitchen.

When simple little thing happen. So people start throwing ice cream against the walls and they write all kinds of crazy stuff. There's many forms of therapy. There's couple's counselling, there's cognitive behavioral therapy that helps you work on the here and the now and how I'm going to cope with the challenges I face day to day.

I'm open to that because my prayer partners are here, Cynthia and Vesta. And so when I have a moment, we talk on the phone every morning. We pray and sometimes I have a moment and I'll call them and I asked them to asked to pray for me. Which is perfect. You know look, we are able to do it many different ways.

You know find a flavor that works for you but make it happen. I want to thank you both for putting yourself out and the other one of you who spoke today honestly about a problem that they're embarrassed by as you were saying ashamed by but I don't want it that way anymore. Like so many other things that we have identified, that we now are not driven by our personalities, but the things that affect the personalities.

Recognize that aside of you, outside of you, then deal with it. We giving you four action steps. We'll put them on the website. They're easy to apply, talk to the friends you like and got that problem. There are many many women who are going to benefit from our conversation. [xx] thank you so much for your wonderful advice.

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