How Can I Relieve Hot Flashes During Menopause?

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Via satellite for Philadelphia, this carrying the bell. Hey Paddy? Hey, I want more now. Hey Dr. OzHey Perry. So, Perry you had a question out of here?  Yes, I have a few but I'm going to give you one. Okay, I'm postmenopausal and I've been flashing and dashing and all those things and it's just not good for me, and it's been happening for 14 years and I wanted to know if that's normal, or if there's a way for me to manage my symptoms without using hormones?  So I paired it with normal, just to be clear, I would define as though a lot of people have that issue and I think the answer to that about 50% of women will have hot flashes for more than five years and one of the things that increases the chance of that happening partly is diabetes which we've talked about before in the past if all of these that cause it or tight clothes just keeps the heat around you stress, caffeine does it and by the way, I know that you love the spicy food and although spicy food is fantastic.

I eat spicy everyday. Well spicy food is great for weight loss, but it's not good for hot flushes, so that's one of the things that I always put off Don't say that what it's a trait off, it's the last form I give to you after all on the list is the Black Cohosh Oh I heard about that Black Cohosh absolutely pad is effective.

OK, I'll try that. The double one, you don't want me to do. I'm going to deliver the Black Cohoch still in fold up, it's coming your way. Okay, I'll let you in honey [xx] bring it, well [xx] thank you very much.   [xx] I've heard that the lady mermaid spice is coming to me, is that true? Yeah it's in store my spices, and then I have it all for you.

Well I can't wait to try the spices, buddy thank you very much. Talking to you. Bye audience. Bye.