How Can I Prevent Weight Gain During Menopause?

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So, weight gain is another very common complaint, not just at peri-menopause but throughout life but it happens to be pretty prominent around those hormone shifts in people's lives, so what do you do for that? There's a really complex interaction between oestrogen and inflammation and insulin, and how that all makes you gain weight, and then you just keep going round and round and round.

Before you get solution, I want to make sure you understand what this really is about, because I think a lot of us hear these words and they don't sink in. So, I'm going to show you what's happening in a cyclical version in your body. So, you put a little bit of weight on. Let's say it is belly fat, that dreaded belly fat that we talk about all the time.

[xx] they make estrogen, and they change the way you breakdown oestrogen as well, so with that belly fat you are going to actually start to make more estrogen, and the eostrogen will cause you to make more of the insulin Dr. Haimes spoke up earlier. The insulin that we don't have in high levels in out body, because insulin will help you now you're causing information but deposit mobility fat because they are building hormone.

So, this psycho then goes back more oestrogen because they belly fat now you got more insulin which causes more inflammation and you have this inflammatory psycho that spiral you down in life you gain those 15 pounds. Did I get it right? Yes. Okay, so, Dr. Warren will be holding back gun because she's a very cool idea for this come on up.

So, this is your special little is this a smoothie? It's a smoothie, because there is always nutrients that we need to get to help sort of make our hormones and beat the inflammation, and I don't know about you but I usually got intention but I carry them round all day, and I don't actually eat them.

So, if want to go we have a better chance of remembering it all. So, swiss chart any kind of green like that. That has in its full aid magnesium and zinc get some B vitamins that all is helpful. Blue berries, first of all they taste good, so you don't taste the greens then also is antioxidants for the inflammation couple of Brazil nuts that will also make Dr.

Bom happy because it will help [xx] and flaxins[sp?]. The ligament in the flaxins will help balance out performances as well. You don't have to crush the flaxins[sp?]. No,if you do it in the blender it will just get ground up. So, the green tea make sure it's cool otherwise it wilts all of your stuff.

The antioxidants in there will help smooth the inflammation and the polyphenols[sp?]. Are you ready to go? Yeah, just please put the lid on How long will you keep grinding for? A couple of minutes. [xx] They're ready. Done. Alright, now, of course the people don't like a taste it will matter.

Thank you. Let's see what you think. Try it out? I like thatOh, it's good. And it's really good. Two more seconds we're getting really used to thatIt's a little bit. It's fresh actually, could you do this? Yeah, it sounds good. Now, these are not the only foods you should be eating, we talked about a lot of them, but coming up next, peels, stems, skins and seeds that may save your life.

There's a lot more here in foods coming up throughout the hour, stay with us.