How Can I Avoid Mood Swings During Perimenopause?

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A lot of women have a challenge with mood swings in Perimenopause years. There's a lot of things going on fluctuating hormones affecting the feel good part of the brain. So if you can do things to help support more hormone balance you might ultimately find less mood swings. But what are your choices? There's many choices, some women choose the route of medications like anti depressants or low dose birth control pills someone that's not for them they don't want the side effects they can't afford it.

Another option could be trying some low dose progesterone cream are available in health food stores easy to use directions are on the label, if it doesn't fit you move on to something else but it could be a breathe of fresh air in just days. There's a lot of herbal formulas on the market and I'm a big fun of things that contain chase berry or blend of isoflavones things that hit many of the different hormones so that you get and in fact that you want to spike what's fluctuating. Now of course there's nutrition and lifestyle and I call it big bad four.

You really got to watch out for sugar, caffeine, alcohol and stress, these things are just going to exaggerate what you're going through from the hormonal fluctuations. We've seen it for many years at our practice. They will almost always make all hormonal symptoms 10 fold worse, including perimenopausal mood swings, and they might even set you up over the top for that perimenopausal rage.

So even if you can't give them up completely, it's a new sense of mindfulness than having a glass for two or three of wine just to wind down after a bad day. Maybe what sets you up for being more enraged or set off too quick the next next day. So what does that mean? Maybe not every night. Maybe only one or two glasses of wine before dinner.

So you eat and it wears off before you go to bed. What about the caffeine? Maybe just cut it in half. Do half caf half decaf. I look like coffee too, but I know I feel better when I don't abuse it. I love to promote nutrition if you can make a commitment to a healthy diet, it does so much for your moods and your hormones it's unbelievable.

I can't tell you how many women will come back in two months and if they've done a list of things that includes just make breakfast healthy and balanced, with healthy proteins and fats. Pack their snacks to bring to work so that they don't binge on the wrong things, and supplement with a good multivitamin and mineral formula that covers your basis with B complexes, vitamin D and omega 3 fish oil.

We know that they're getting a great foundation of support, I call this the universal foundation. You got to start somewhere and these things you can control even if you can't get to your doctor appointment, because they are booked for two months. These are things that are tangible and there's science behind them.