Do Women Tend to Gain More Weight Just Before Menopause or After?

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Today we're going to ask Dr. Ross, I bet different, ladies and gentleman welcome to casino wise. Now if you're sitting on you appears on the slot machine, you've hit the jackpot. Come on down here and get asked me your most embarrassing questions. All set to go? Alright, nothing is off limits, you're ready now, alright, are you ready? And it is seat number 163, 163 are we doing, thank you.

What's your name? Wendy. Hi Wendy, what's your question? My question is when we get older why is it so much easier for men to lose weight than women. How many women have that question? Everybody, it's so unfair. It's so unfair. So the reason is when you go through menopause, the ovaries stop making estrogen, but they also stop making testosterone.

If you don't have testosterone you don't make muscle, and without muscle, you've that metabolic furnish that normally they're chewing through the calories, it's not there anymore. Muscle burn a dozen times more calories than fat, when you're actually using it. Makes sense? Thank you very much.

Thank you Appreciate it.