Do Women Experience Hair Loss with Menopause?

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Hop up, how are you? Come out a little bit. What's your name? My name is Wendy. Hey, Wendy. Hi Doctor Oz, pleasure to meet you. The honor is mine. Doctor Oz, I am going through menopause. Mm-hm. And one of the things I noticed is that my hair is beginning to thin in a certain area.

Yeah. Mm-hm. Is that a part of menopause or is that just me going bald? [LAUGH] Okay, can I see it? Sure, right this area. Here, if you just stand tall like this, I'll be able to get it on frame for everyone to be able to see it. Can we just? I keep my hair short for that reason.

So can you see there are some areas here? This area. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Forehead, it's so wet Can you all see that pretty well? Yes. Now, when you have hormonal shifts in your body of any kind, menopause being one of them, but polycystic ovarian disease, there are thyroid problems very common, your body will tell you by how the hair behaves.

And so, it's not something that is to ignored, you ought to at least look into it. Have you had your thyroid function studied? No. I would do that because it might be not the menopause, but the thyroid disorder which happen to go hand in hand a lot of times, and that's the first clue to the thyroid, it will prevent from other headaches down the road.

So thank you very much for being honest and brave about asking that question. Thank you Dr. Oz. All right, take care.