3 Ways to Avoid Weight Gain During Menopause

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[MUSIC] Hi I'm Dr. Miller, if a change of life is on the horizon for you here are a few tips for keeping menopause from changing your waist size. Lose weight before menopause. There's excellent evidence that if you gradually drop 5 to 15 pounds over the course of five years, with a healthy low fat diet and lots of walking, you'll be slimmer after menopause.

Steer clear of simple carbs for the first year of menopause, eat lots of veggies and fruits. A few saturated or trans fats and only whole grains, and you'll likely lose another five pounds, take calcium and vitamin D3. Everyday aim to get 400-600 milligrams of calcium from food and another 600 milligram from a supplement.

Add 400 milligrams magnesium and 1000 international units of D3 daily as supplements too. Women who do this gain about 5% less weight at menopause than those who don't get the nutrients. Your bones will be tougher too. Weight gain and menopause don't have to go hand in hand if you take the right steps.

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