What Makes Hair Older?

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Just like your skin in your hair can reveal a lot about your overall health, and depending on your lifestyle and genetics, your hair maybe much older than you think. Two members of the audience took my hair test today, and we're going to find that if their hair is younger or older than your actual age.

First, [xx] Joy come out the podium please Joy,  so can I asked you a sort of a personal question? Okay your biological age do I have to? Yes ooh my God this is so, 5858 did you find it at the end but the question is how old is you hair Joy? you don't know that really because you can only getting figure that is cross how old your body is but it turns out that your hair that we will determine on this little test is 68 years oldmy gooddnessit is a decade older, decade older so what increases the age of hair, how you deal with stress, one issue, we'll come back to that, genetics, how you style it when you cut it.

And often the right way, all those affect it. Stress is a big issue because it increases testosterone. If you have testosterone in the body, it thins the hair, it also makes less hair, so one of the reasons that women end up  stressed will end up thinning up their hair if you have chemicals that you use, I don't if you do to relax your hair, dye your hair, influence you hair, torture your hair, all those chemicalsall the aboveall those above, it pokes at holes in the hair so when you have wholesome hair, the hair can't hold on to the moisture that it needs to have.

So things that you can do, by the way when that happens? Take a look at whole picture here, you go from having a healthy hair with the shingles aligned like they're  supposed to be, to this unhealthy hair with the shingles that are all frail, they're coming off the roof so to speak, Okay.

Does it make sense? I'll  try. Before you run anywhere, I have some secret solutions over here, come way over here for a second till we're done. Thank you very much.