What Foods Can Make Me Look More Beautiful?

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I always that a grocery store is a pharmacy. Think of the produce aisle as the beauty aisle. There you will find some of my favorite secrets for a looking your best. Now to find out what they are we're going to play a little game that I like to call beauty boost. Lets meet our contestants, Ashley and Nancy.

How are you? I'm great, how are you? All right, Nancy and Ashley here are the rules, you each have a buzzer in front of you. I'm going to ask you a question and you'll have three possible answers to choose from. If you buzz in and answer correctly, you win the beauty boost and you get to try the edible beauty product.

But if you're not right, your opponent wins and they get to get more beautiful, make sense? Got itQuestion number one. Are you ready? Yeah. Which of the following vegetables, you're going to see on the screen, improves your complexion and gives you radiant skin. Is it kale, cauliflower or beets? Yes Ashley.

I'm going to say cauliflower. No? No. Unfortunately that goes to Nancy but that was close. Nancy, you get to eat. This is kale. Lucky are you, now here's why kale woks by the way. Kale maybe the most nutritious of all vegetables. That leafy green color it has in the leaves has got elements in it and help the liver.

In addition, it's got Vitamin A and Vitamin A is really important for skin turnover. It stays younger for that reason and it can build up the right kind of skin, so you look more beautiful for longer. So you get kale. Okay, Nancy, Ashley are you ready?Yes.Question number two. Which of the following plants gives your hair gloss and shine.

Your choices are peppermint, nettle, chamomile. Chamomile? Nancy no. No Nancy unfortunately, it's nettles so that goes. Ashley enjoy the nettles. You may not realize this but farmers actually give nettle to their cows to make sure that their skins are beautiful. That is good. It's not bad.

Well, here is why I like nettle.It stimulates hair follicles but it allows the [xx] the right kind of oil, just to lubricate the scalp, keep the scalp healthy and therefore coat the hair that's coming out of the scalp. So nettles are very smart choice. Okay, one to one, are you guys ready? The dog fight here fans.

All right here's question number three, which of these is best for preventing brittle nails? Is it mango, grape fruit, or hazelnut.I'm going to say hazelnut. That's very good, why did you guess hazelnut? I think hazelnuts are kind of strong so maybe it makes my nails strong, the oil in it, I don't know.

It's very very good Ashley gets the [xx]. Have you ever had hazelnuts?I have. Good, now here's why I like hazelnuts by the way. Very rich in biotin, which is a B vitamin. The biotin is essential for us to build these thick nails and also they have magnesium in them, and that helps you absorb calcium from the gut, so you can get the calcium-magnesium that you need to make strong nails.

Okay, it's coming down to this. Are you ready? Which of the following is best for keeping your skin tight and young looking? Is it mangosteen juice, black cherry juice, or pomegranate juice ? Pomegranate juice?Nancy, I'll give you one more guess. mangosteen juice? Ashley you get the last guess.

I'm going to say black berry. Black cherry juice. It's all of them. It's all of them. Yes. And here's why. Now who picked the mangosteen? I did. You get mangosteen? Thank you. You get the black cherry. OkayAnd I'll take the pomegranate and let me tell you guys while we toast to each other why this is so important, they all contain vitamin C which is an essential part of the body's production of collagen, that strand that holds our body intact and keeps us youthful.

In addition, you see how they're all dark colored? There's a reason for that, these plants have all made nutrients in them to protect themselves from reoxidation of the sun, and so we can actually get those same nutrients when we toast. So thank you very very much. I love the fact that you've all played the game.