What Can I Do About Dandruff?

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Today we're talking about something that all of us experience at one time or another, dandruff. I'm going to show what you can do about those annoying flakes. But, first I want one of you come down be my assistant to the day to help me share this with everybody out there. How about sit 164.

Who got 164? I'm such fan. You are? Oh I'm happy I pick 164 then there you are. Now, what's your first time besides fan. Michelle. Michelle. Michelle the big fan. That's my new name. Now, Michelle do you've problems with dandruff. Yes. You do? Yes. Can I look? Bob, hey I might be good today. I did an extra scabbing because I know I was coming.

You did you're very very, very good today, nothing at all. Did the folks point at you at all? Once in a while I get people who come over to me like that. Your friends I hope. I make new friends. Alright, come over here to me. So, lets talk about what dandruff is or what it's not? So, lets say you're looking at top of your hair, and you are going going in there and examine exactly what's going on that brings on the dandruff.

And if you look in their clothes there is a level of the skin is they help for, but inside there there is a fungi as Maleisia is the name of it has little long loads and a little, little balls there as well, and it actually eats away some of the oils and it drys the scarp so it begins to frake which you then see on the top of your head.

And of course sometimes it falls to the sides of your body, so come on this side here. Okay. And you put on groves on here I'm going to point out this is metaphorically your scalp. And if you don't mind I wish you pretend that something entered you in your scalp because we even have a dry scalp like you do you run the brash across your hair, or you are lucky it's your scalp but sometimes drying [xx], and you are can't you go in the scratch this just a little bit.

That's look like my [xx]. That's what looks like? Yeah. But the problem with Andra is a lof of folks don't know what's causing it. So, a lot of you think it's because you haven't shampooed enough, right? But if I can dry scalp cause a problem as well. So, sometimes shampooing too much or with the wrong kind of material can cause an issue.

if you're having a problem with oil on your scalp and not jumping it up can be an issue, in that case it's just a matter of increasing frequency. But remember this, most of the dandruff we have is caused by a fungus the one. I showed up there, right? So, having a healthy dye helps come back the likelihood of you having that problem, zinc for example is very important, vitamin B is not a very good enough.

But, there's some solutions that we will talk about the day that everyone should know about. You should comfortable talking about this with your friends, come on over, take yore e-gloves over that was nicely done by the way. Expertly scrapped. Expert. One of the things a lot of folks don't realize that baking is actually pretty effective.

You take a handful of baking soda, put in on your scalp and you can rinse it in. It's very effective. Zinc Pattium is involved in most of the medicated shampoos we get over the counter. These are typically marketed as dandruff shampoo, they really do work, but there's some natural alternatives to that.

And allow the natural alternatives like this product has tea-trio oil in them. Have you ever heard tea-trio oils? It's a blood proven antifungal, antibacterial product. You can use it on rashes as well but it will split on the scalp, and it's in a lot of these shampoo and selenium works well as well an anti-fungal, and it instructs fibrils stimulates the body to depend on itself.

So, easy solution and for a lot of folks who think that they got dandruff that they can't get ahead of is a matter of shampooing the right frequency for you with the right kind of products that you know have ingredients that make sense. Don't go for the head dead pick for all the other stuff, and this stuff works for you if you use it correctly almost always.

And if not, you probably want to see somebody because there are some kind of problem with this gap Ceberia that maybe requires some of the professional treatment. Makes sense everybody? Thank you very much. Thank you. We'll be right back.