How Can I Help My Brittle Nails?

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Dr. Ives, I have the most brittle nails. I have to keep them really short or else they chip. I've tried lighteners, hardeners, nothing works. Is there any advice you can give me to make them stronger? Lisa, thank you very much for your story. Have you nails always been brittle? They have.

For 20 years I wore acrylic nails because I had the problem of them chipping and breaking and now that I took the acrylics nails off it's even worse, nothing. And how long have you had the acrylic nails off? About three years. It's a long time. And what have you done to try and help them? I've used hardeners, strengtheners, lengtheners, different kinds of nail polish.

Nothing works. Christine the expert, teach us. What can we do? Help us. I often have women coming to me saying they have thin nails that are breaking easily. And I always recommend to my patients Swiss chard. So Swiss chard is chock full of biotin and study show that biotin actually helps to strengthen the nail tissue, to help prevent breakage and to help harden nails.

So, get about a half a cup of steam Swiss chard three times a week, your nails will be hard in no time. What do you think, do you ever cook Swiss chard? Never. Well, I stayed up all night making this for you. Let's see what you think. [APPLAUSE] It's good. Actually I love Swiss chard.

I did not make this obviously. But it's not hard to make this. I could have made it, if I had a little more talent and time, but I want you to take this home home with you, and once you practice [UNKNOWN]Thank you very much.