Do Your Feet Look Good Naked?

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Hi, Dr. Kevin Soden here. Take a minute and look down. How do your feet look? Little worse for wear? Covered in calluses, heel cracks, and thick, yellow nails? Here's how to like yourself naked from the ankles down. Keep your feet dry. Funguses, yeast, and bacteria love warm, moist places, so don't give them a chance to snuggle in and discolor your nails.

Quickly get out of sweaty shoes after a walk, towel dry wet feet including between the toes, and never borrow someone else's towel. Cushion your feet. Use well padded athletic shoes and socks with extra cushioning when you take a walk or when your exercising. It will help prevent heel pain and calluses that build up from putting too much pressure on your feet.

Trim those nails, keep them short so they won't curve into your skin, or allow infection causing bacteria to gather beneath them. Follow these steps, and your feet will look so good that you want to show them off. For more ways to take care of your whole body, watch all our smart tips, right here.