Are There Risks In Injections to Remove Dark Eye Circles?

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My name is Dr. William Kestin, I'm a board-certified ophthalmologist, a lot of people call me Dr. Bill, and I have been introduced many times as the Wizard of Oz because of my expertise in treating the dark circles and halos under our eyes called the tear drops. Obviously there is nothing that can make this look as tired as having those dark circles under our eyes, and the ability to take them out and improve the appearance without surgery is something that has been the holy grail of facial aesthetics for many, many years.

I've developed, with a few of my colleagues, a procedure that allows us to use a hyaluronic acid-based filler called Restylane, to minimize the appearance of dark circles and halos and give us a refreshed, more relaxed appearance. If I've done my job well, people will not tell you that you've just had work done, what they'll say is, oh your new makeup is so flattering and your new hair makes you look so much younger, and you will just laugh.