What Your Baby's Body Language Is Telling You

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Hi, I'm Dr. Altman, nothing gets your attention faster than a baby's cry. You're hard wired to respond, find the problem and fix it, but it's not always easy to decide for what your baby needs, here's how to decode her body language. Screaming often signals a dirty diaper. Turning her head to the side or putting her fist to her mouth that usually means she's hungry.

Pulling her knees to her chest and tensing up is a likely sign that your bundle of joy has gas and need to be burped. Sweating with reddening ears that's easy she may be hot, loosen her clothing and check here temperature. Getting goose bumps or developing slightly purplish hands and feet that means may mean she's cold, warm her up with socks, a hat and a blanket.

Flaring her arms and legs or trying to avoid the light may mean she's over stimulated, take her to a quieter environment and she'll calm down, blinking, yawning or kicking she's likely tired, put her to bed. Wiggling and looking around, she's just needs a cuddle and you know what to do, if these tips don't seem to work, she's acting sick or you're concerned call your pediatrician.

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