What Can I Do If My Baby Is Constipated?

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Now breast feeding we really believe strongly in it and think you should breast feed if all possible for at least six months even ideally a year, infants are supposed to double their birth weight by six months and triple it by 12 months. If your baby is growing faster than that you do not need to supplement breast milk but what do we do about constipation now you have got a great diet I saw in the book for constipation.

Well it is a little different with babies and toddlers with a new born who is constipated we can sometimes add a little bit of carol server to a bottle or to an sieve formula or water once a day. With a toddler, you have heard of he brand diet that's what you do when your kid is getting diarrhea and that's bananas rice, apple sauce, toast nothing spicy nothing fried.

Brad diet is for diarrhea, bananas, apple sauce, rice and toast. And that's anti diarrhea, we decide to make a acronym of thee most effective anti constipation diet, and we appropriately named it the crap diet, it stands for food get things moving including cherries, raisins, apple costs, prunes, so you can actually feed your kid more of those if they are one year old or older, really being careful about which things, for instance apricots would mean baby apricots in a one year old, a toddler could be a able to chew an apricot and that can mean prunes or prune juice.