What Can I Do If My Baby Has Colic?

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Let's talk about colic. It's a condition which in otherwise healthy infant is crying or fussing and is irritated for more that three hours a day and more than three days in any given week. It usually goes away within a few months, but it can be upsetting, frustrating and hard to handle.

Some of the crying then maybe GI related but that's not always the case. Let's discuss some strategies for dealing with it, Doctor Rome. What we want you to do is to work hard for those burps because gas hurts it's basically air pressing out on the bowel wall causing pain. So there is different burping strategies, some kids get less colicky if they get burped every ounce or two of feeds, for another is one side of breast do a good burp then do the other side.

But so you really have to work at it if your child is -. >>Now, how do you do a proper bath, don't you put the child's belly over your shoulder and then push gently? Is that one way? There's different ways, if you want the child on your shoulder, you put the belly right, so it's right at your shoulder blade there and I like to put a thumb right on the stomach and my fingers on the back and milk that burp up with a rub.

Other people do the pat, you can also put the child over your leg and do either a rub or a pat there. There is different positions you can try and in the book we actually show some of those positions as well. With other parts of colic, you can figure out if there is an eyelash or a little hair wrapped around a finger, a toe, or God forbid a penis.

Ouch! or you can see if the testicle is trapped in the wrong fold of the diaper so make sure you've checked for simple things as well. Or are they wet? Or are they hungry? And you'll get learn to know their cries so you can help differentiate those things as well.