Should I Save My Baby's Umbilical Cord Blood?

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My question is about stem cell research and cord blood banking. I've been reading a lot about it but it seems awfully expensive. Will I be a bad mum if I don't do it? Or what else do I need to know? Well, this is a topic that I spent a lot of time on with Mike as we were researching the book and I'd like him to help answer this and he actually brought some show intel because I knew this question was coming from somewhere, come on over here.

Alright Beth, so you're going to have to be the assistant on this. So we brought you some clamps. I agree. Okay so what cord blood is, this is the cord, you saw it before, put a clamp right here clamp across it, okay. My finger got cut a little bit. And then, what this is, they then cut this off and this is the cord and what you do is, there's a kit that comes with it.

Okay. So the kit is to drain the blood from this segment of the cord into here, pretty easy but this is magic, they have stem cells. So you're absolutely right, it's magic and it's relatively expensive, and you save it for yourself. but, it's free, if you do it for the rest of the country, that is for anyone else.

So, the thing is, don't waste these, do donate them. It's just like a regular blood bank. There are at least 50 diseases that we get to treat because of these magical stem cells. So save it for someone else, and then if everyone does it, when you need it or your baby needs it, it'll will be available for you.

[APPLAUSE] >>Makes sense? That makes sense. Thanks Mike.