Prevent Cancer With Carrots

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Hi, I'm Dr Miller with the healthy cancer prevention tip for you. Munch on a few crunchy carrot sticks each day to reduce your cancer risk especially for breast cancer. In one study, researchers tracked the health and eating habits of African American women for 12 years. They found that eating veggies reduce the odds for a specific type of breast cancer by a whopping 43% for women who ate at least two servings a day.

And carrots stood out for reducing the risk if all breast cancer types with just three servings a week. What makes carrots so great? It could be the rich carotinoids anti oxidants. These compounds protect against oxidative DNA damage something that happens during the cancer process.

If you're not a big fan of carrots load up on veggies from the Cabbage family including broccoli, collard greens and mustard greens, these veggies were also good for lowering breast cancer risk in women. To learn more about health saving foods watch all our health tips right here.