Exercise to Slash Your Breast Cancer Risk

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Dr. Oz here with some important news for women. One in eight American women will develop breast cancer in her life time. But you can run or swim or walk away from it. Any regular workout including lifting weights slashes your breast cancer risk by up to 30%. Physical activity lowers specific hormone levels.

It helps decrease inflammation and reduces body fat. Less fat, less estrogen, less inflammation equals less cancer risk. I recommend aerobics plus weight training go for five days a week of walking aiming for 10, 000 steps a day. Include 20 minutes three times a week of rapid walking or other cardio exercise to raise your pulse to 80% of your age adjusted heart rate.

Also do two days of stretch training a week for 20 to 30 minutes. This combo, helps you dodge cancer and heart disease still and it will help keep your mind sharp and your emotions stable. Also ask your doctor if you are a candidate for baby aspirin. Take two a day to help prevent breast cancer.

I'm, Dr. Oz for more ways to shape up and stay healthy watch all of our smart tips.