Eat Green Vegetables to Prevent Breast Cancer

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Hi, I'm Dr. Oz, with a simple nutrition tip. As they peppery green they may do big favors for breast health, watercress. A recent study suggest that Compounds in watercress they helped thwart breast cancer. The compounds are isocyreniced and they precedence all sorts of crusiface vegetables like broccoli, kale, brussels sprouts.

Studies suggests that these compounds help remove cancer causing substances from the body and help suppress tumor growth by clamping down on the cancer's blood supply. And recent study suggests, that one particular kind of isocynic and the watercress they help and pop woman's defenses against breast cancer.

Larger scale studies are needed to see whether there's a connection between watercress consumption and lowering the risk of breast cancer, but for now we do know that eating a lot of leafy greens is a boom to health in general. A couple of watercress supply not only [UNKNOWN] but also calcium, potassium, biomin C, biomin [xx] for just 32 calories, grow healthier with me, grab a bunch and add some watercress to your next salad or soup and watch more easy and quick tips right here.