Barbecue and Breast Cancer

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Hi, I'm Barbara Vergara/g. Heading to a weekend barbecue? If you're a woman who eats a lot grilled meat, you may be at greater risk for the post menopausal breast cancer. High heat cooking such as grilling creates pepsinogens that may harm breast tissue. Meat is particularly problematic, because when fat trips onto the [UNKNOWN] below, it creates dangerous compounds called poly-cyclic aromatic hydrocarbons or PAHs.

Those PAHs can land on your burger or flame. When you eat them, they enter your system and, you could harm yourself. In a study, women who consumed the most barbecued meat over their lifetime had a 50% higher risk of the disease. That was especially true of women who ate few fruits and veggies.

It's possible the anti-oxidants and proteins helps offset some of the damaging effects of PA agent. Don't panic if you eat grilled meat occasionally. But don't make it a daily habit and be sure to eat it along with plenty of fruits and veggies. For more ways to nourish your health check out all our healthy living tips, right here.