6 Steps to Avoid BPA

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Hi, Doctor Miller here with an important health tip for your family. We live in a world of plastic including products made with bisphenol A also called BPA. It's all around from stup cans to drink containers. Animal studies find that BPA lowers fertility, increases breast cancer risk and causes genetic changes.

The latest research shows that the exposure early in life hinders adult learning ability. Here are six ways to reduce BPA exposure. Eliminate canned foods, BPA line zone and opt for fresh or frozen foods. In a small study, families who ate fresh food for three days saw there blood levels of BPA drop by 66%, use ceramic metal and glass and in the kitchen.

This materials don't contain BPA use metal water bottles with BPA liners don't use plastic containers with the number three or seven on the bottle avoid number six too, and buy low density polyethylene plastic wrap. Avoid thermal printed receipts. One receipt made from this coated paper, delivers about two percent of your daily exposure to BPA, don't boiling liquid in plastic containers made in BPA, it'll slip into your food.

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