What Are the Anticancer Benefits of Olive Oil?

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So when we go out to have olive oil in the Unites States, we kind of look at almost all olive oils and frankly olives to be very similar.They may taste a little bit different, but we think generally they're all the same, not true. It turns out that different types of olives have different types of cancer-fighting properties so for example, there are three super olives, one of them is from Spain called the Picual olive, used in most Spanish olive oils in fact.

Another one is from Italy, particularly in Umbria. Umbria region, there's actually an olive called the Moraiolo olive and then in Greece which is the other great place for olive oils there is the Koroneiki Olive which is actually made with Kalamata olives, it's very similar to Kalamata olives.

The oil made from these three olives have some of the highest levels of cancer-fighting polyphenols which are the cancer fighting and anti-oxidant material ingredients inside olive oil. And so, now you think what we use olive oil for? You can use it to season food, you can use it to dip bread, you can actually cook with it and so there' s so many things to do with olive oil, you can hardly think of a dish that you couldn't actually cook or season with it.