What Are Antiangiogenic Foods?

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So the first thing to understand is what is angiogenesis? Angiogenesis is the process our body uses to grow blood vessels which is necessary for health. But cancers can actually hijack this process and grow blood vessels selfishly to feed themselves. Without blood vessels we know that cancer have a hard time or can not grow at all.

So antiangiogenic foods really are foods that contain natural molecules that mother-nature has put into the foods that starves cancers by preventing those blood vessels, those harmful blood vessels from growing and there are many different types of antiangiogenic foods, for example green tea has been found to be anti-angiogenic and you have to drink about three to five cups of green tea a day to help reduce your risk of cancer.

Soybeans or soy products like tofu are also good sources of antiangiogenic molecules and by eating three to five servings of tofu or soy containing food per week you can radically reduce your chances of getting any type of cancer. A lot of other antiangiogenic foods are out there and many of them are the same ones you could think about as antioxidants, blueberries, strawberries, even apples, so this is another example of how an apple a day could keep cancer away.